i didn’t want the usuk life the usuk life wanted me
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Hi. I go to your school and was on the NMAA website checking out entri. (found your Tumblr through youtube/google.) I've seen the video your entry is "inspired by" before. Your entry is almost entirely plagiarized. This isn't fair to other entrants at all. This would be totally okay if it wasn't an entry, but this is CHEATING. This is laziness and stealing. You should not win over the other entrants who actually worked hard, but you will anyways because you cheated. I've lost my respect for you.

hey there student, here is the full story.

the video was entirely re-created by hand, and it takes a lot of patience and skill to go through frame-by-frame and learning the process of how the video was created. it was entirely a learning process, nothing more nothing less. students knew it wasnt my concept, my idea, but as i explained to them that i was actually learning from the best, they understood.

copyright is broken in 2014, and videos are being taken down left and right. though some may be actual copyright, most of it is fanwork and tributes to their beloved work. one of my favorite animators who has been animating for years upon years, did something similar to me to learn some skills on how to animate. unfortunately, the higher-ups saw how popular his videos got and asked him to take it all down. so, all his hard work is offline and who knows how much longer it will be until he comes out with a totally original animation.

tracing is looked down upon in the art world, because its seen as theft. a lot of people trace and re-color on mspaint and claim it as theirs, yes, but a lot of artists spawn from that one phase of wanting to be better. and because of that goal, they become some of the best artists i know.
there is a certain art in the art community called “vector artists”, and they “trace” over art in order to re-create it into something show-accurate or into some other style. they get full-permission, and change their pieces up a bit so its recognizable but still original. there is a lot of hate on the action, because people say is “blatant theft”. but vector artists are just turning other people’s pieces into something else, and its still art. beautiful art. they arnt claiming it as theirs, and they arnt doing anything wrong. its just another form of art and a form of learning.

that being said, “tracing” isnt a crime if done right. changing something into your own style or turning a couple of characters into another pair is practically an art form. just try doing what i did, its hard. re-creating a 4-minute video accurately as possible frame-by-frame takes a lot of effort. but if youre not patient, its a pain. but i strive to make it as accurate as possible to the original, because i really respected the creator. their work is really top, and i wanted to show how much i can learn from them.

yes, it was pretty rude of me to not ask permission, but there are a ton of videos on nico nico, youtube, and everywhere on the internet doing exactly what i did. they where praised by the creator themselves, and where entertained. but nonetheless, it was pretty rude of me to assume they would be okay with me doing it as well. that was my bad.

the whole video was originally supposed to be completely in my style, still going through the route of going through frame-by-frame and breaking the video apart to get every single correct detail. the only difference is, it was entirely in my style and it would have my twist on it.
the reason why i couldnt do what was because the start date to the end date was too short. it was 1 short month to complete it. i couldnt possibly sketch my own frames and animate them in flash all by myself, it would take too long. though i really wanted to make it original, i wanted it to be amazing as well. i wanted to spread the greatness of the creator, which i did credit in the video. i had a disclaimer that it wasnt entirely mine. and it was okay for a while, because i didnt claim any of it except for the hard work i did to re-create the masterpiece.

again, i ask you to try and do what i did. recreate a 4-minute full-animated video, all by hand. and in 1 month. i did, and it took me through long nights and harsh mornings, crashing in class, working hard, trying to stay on top. i was so close to passing out a couple times, and i even got sick. but i still got through the harsh month, because i was determined. it was hard, but i did it, right?

the small group of people whom i showed it too was ecstatic, and knew my reference to the original video. they werent mad. they werent calling me a thief, they saw me working through day and night, drawing out each frame.

but mr.chase told be a couple of kids at the ROP center saw my video, and called me a blatant thief. the kids back at irvington where wondering: why? i did all the work, and i didnt claim anything. one student said that they where just trying to protect their “animus”, and i got really defensive over that statement. as soon as copyright was brought up by him, i immediately said “if this is going to cause this much controversy, id rather take it out of the festival than to be called a copycat.”
mr.chase tried to reason with me too, asking me if i did all the work and put the effort into it, and maybe save my film. he even asked for my flash file, and i gave it to him and he went through the flash file and confirmed i put all the effort into it. but i said no, i didnt want anyone to think it was theft. he even said it wasnt, but i didnt want him to be telling every NMAA staff member to try and save my film and then saying no. id rather it be taken down and be done with, none of this copyright nonsense. i won one award once, i dont need another.

though it may seem all the work was wasted, it was just that i was ahead of my time. i was in an era where the art that i reproduced wasnt alright with the art society today. though it is widely appreciated on the internet, it still isnt in actual society. and i wanted to change that.

i couldve easily just uploaded one of my other animations and maybe even won with that one, but the only difference between one of my ‘original’ animations and the one i uploaded was simply copyright. and i just didnt want to deal with that.

i realized if i did win, i would get awards and money. and i would be getting praised for something copyrighted. and saying that out of context sounds horrible, but if you know the full story, it wouldnt be otherwise.

last year, i won an award for something similar, and in the same festival. though the concept was mine. the music, the characters, the spark, not mine. but it was accepted as something i won, so i accepted it too.

i dont know who you are, but i feel like i do. i dont know a name, but i can think of a face. and i dont want that face to be angry with me. i hope you understand that i didnt mean to make anyone think i cheated, because that wasnt my intention at all. i didnt even think about it until it was brought up by you. no one did. i dont know what happens there at the ROP center, but i will be joining you soon in mr.chase’s animation class as a higher-up. and i hope you see how much effort i do put into my animations and how much ive improved.

because as though it may seem as if im a thief, im just a geeky anime fan on the internet. nothing more.

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Are you really Jin the one who created Kagerou Days?

lol no that was an april fools joke

UsUk ♥ ?



Am i the only one who could see America lying on the couch with England ontop of him while they share headphones. They would just be laying there…. For hours, holding hands ♥ 


I tried;;;;

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Extreme Makeover (USUK)


Tony’s alien technology can take human shapewear to the next level. The person who wears it is entirely reshaped, from appearance to personality. America counts on that to show off to England, but it backfires.

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Where you feel it

bringing this back because important 

"I hate that guy so much he makes my dick cold"

but what is spiderman so ashamed of

For getting his Uncle murdered I’m guessing. 

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why do you love england so much?


idk man hes just really cute and stupid like how can you not love the lad? hes so cute like he thinks he acts cool and grumpy but hes the biggest loser in the world he cant even swim oh my god hes so cute


like look at that face oh my god thats the cutes baby ever and th e eyebrows man he is the eyebrow king


look at that classy cup and that classy babu


he loves magic how is that not cute look at him he is so proud of his magic club


look at him he looks so proud of himself and he thinks he looks so rad and he does


tbh he has good fashion sense too

conclusion: aph england is love aph england is life he is the cutest loser and he is perfect





what the fuck is thuis.w aht does it mean

he has gorgeous eyelashes

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Let’s go to the wall